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12th. Annual Fairfax Irish Festival of Music & Dance

Festival Brochure with downloadable PDF
(for printing doublesided)
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Highlights from Fairfax Irish Festival 2022

Highlights from the Fairfax Irish Festival 2021

The 12th. Annual Fairfax Irish Festival of Music and Dance will take place on October 20th., 21st. and 22nd. 2023 in the town of Fairfax in Marin County. The Bay Area's finest musicians and dancers will be performing jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, waltzes and more. Events will take place all over the town in the bars, restaurants, stores, tea house and  Fairfax Pavilion, throughout the weekend. This is a free event and you can easily walk around town from venue to venue. Come and enjoy an Irish Fleadh Cheoil (festival of music), Fairfax style.

2023 Venues

Click on the images to be directed to the Venue's Website.

Way Station Smokehouse & Beer Garden
            2001 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
          Wu Wei Tea Temple
1820 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
way station.png
The Fairfax Pavilion
      142 Bolinas Rd.
Fairfax Pavilion.png
Nave's Bar_edited.jpg
Revolution 9
14 Bolinas Rd.
Peri's Bar.JPG

2023 LINEUP 


Kyle Alden, Buncrana, Brosnan Irish Dancers, Maureen Brennan, Hector Bragado, Jon Berger, Comhaltas Cooley-Keegan Set Dancers, Suzuki Cady, David Chadwick, Tim Crockett, Jenny Collins, Renee De La Prade, Keith Dubinsky, Carleton Eyster, Erica and Friends, Marla Fibish, Steve Gardner,  The Gas Men, Julie Horner, Amelia Hogan, The Iroids, Iseult Jordan, Vince Keehan, Liam Kaplan, Alina Larson, Jimmy Murphy, Matt Lacques, Rory  McNamara, Richard Mandel, Jenny Milne,  Noctambule, Darcy Noonan, Robyn Gonzalez NiConney, New Wild Hog, Roxanne Oliva, Neil O' Neill, Jason Pollack, The Pure Drops, Rebecca Richman,  Elizabeth Roddy, Erin Ruth, Kevin Roche,  Kenny Somerville, Todd Silverstein, Susan Spurlock, Lewis Santer, Aidan Stone, Robert Shaw,  Stacey Samuels, Lisa Stone, Kathleen Smith,  The Turf Cutters, Dana Trillo, Leah Wollenberg and David Winter

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