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10th. Annual Fairfax Irish Festival of Music & Dance

October 22nd., 23rd., & 24th. 2021

2021 Venues and Performers:

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Session at Way Station Beer Garden 2019 Irish Festival

The 10th. Annual Fairfax Irish Festival of Music and Dance    will take place on October 22nd., 23rd. and 24th. 2021  in the town of Fairfax in Marin County. The Bay Area's finest musicians and dancers will be performing  jigs, reels, hornpipes, Polkas, waltzes and more. Sweet voices and the sounds of dancing shoes will be heard all over the town in the bars, restaurants, stores, tea house and community building, The Pavilion, throughout the weekend. This is a free event and you can easily walk around town from venue to venue. Come and enjoy an Irish Fleadh Cheoil (festival of music), Fairfax style.

Inquiries at:       fairfaxirishfestival@gmail.com

2021 Venues

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The Pure Drops, Culann's Hounds, Brosnan Irish Dancers,

Rory McNamara, Catherine John, Vincy Keehan, Kenny Somerville, Comhaltas Irish Set Dancers, Riggy Rackin,  Erica &Friends, Rebecca Richman, David Winter & The SF Pipers Band, Neil O'Neill &  Stacy Samuels, Savage Craic, The Turf Cutters, Todd Silverstein & Rodney Miller, Susan Spurlock, Tedd Colt, Jason Pollock & Valerie Rose, Darcy Noonan & Hector Bragado, Eamonn Flynn, Felim Egan, Daniel Schoenfeld, Anne Goess, Suzuki Cady & Liam Kaplan, Elizabeth Roddy, Dana Trillo & Rob Shaw

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